Hospitality Operational Advice

Ever think of these thoughts?

Is my business or organisation is doing well?

I am turning over good money however there is nothing left after paying the bills?

Is my bottom line in line with the market?

My staff all appear really busy?

Our facilities appear ok?

I think our systems are enough?

I don’t know where my baseline is?

How can I improve my position?

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants can assist businesses and/or organisations to better understand how their business is tracking and can conduct operational audits, reviews, mentoring and provide practical solutions to best suit the business and/or organisations change requirements.

Other services include:

Business audits – current trading situation, profit & loss, key Performance Indicators (KPIs), benchmarking

Budgets, cash flow analysis, menu engineering, equipment, and facility reviews and audits

Food safety internal reviews, HACCP risk analysis, on-site mentoring

Stocktaking, gross profit reports/analysis, payroll analysis, rostering for profit

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