Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants staff have vast experience within the hospitality, foodservice, and tourism industries.  This provides a benefit to clients as every design is reviewed from an operational and management perspective as well as design.

Each design is approached differently as each client has different operational outcomes.

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants designs are based on:

◊ Design to best suit market, menus, food & beverage, accommodation, entertainment, retail, and food delivery concepts and proposed user groups

◊ Ergonomic flows, functional layouts, food safety, work health safety, building  standards all considered local and international

◊ Effective spatial planning consultation with architects, builders, project managers, operators, and other disciplines

◊ Cost-effectiveness in planning, safety in design, design & buildability considered

◊ Fit for purpose layouts, materials selections, and sustainable equipment  specification, selection considered

◊ Reduction in ongoing operating costs and least resource usage factored into the design

◊ Best operational outcomes to suit the client and customers/ resident/ guest expectation delivered

◊ Prepare for client’s user groups and numbers anticipated towards exceeding expectations operational and financially

◊ Sustainable design reviews and advice provided

◊ Hospitality and foodservice peer reviews conducted

◊ Equipment and stainless steel budgets and reports developed

◊ Written design guidelines for retail and food & beverage tenancies developed and provided

◊ Built fabric materials selections and finishes schedule provided

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants use the latest version of ArchiCAD and CADimages.

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants prepare designs in pdf and dwg X-REF format:

◊ Development of concept briefs and return briefs for kitchens, pantries, buffets, laundries, foodservice, hospitality, meal delivery system & bar service

◊ Equipment selection and specifications based on spatial planning, cost-benefit analysis, and operational outcomes

◊ Project fit-out budgets including equipment, stainless steel, hoods, mobile equipment, refrigeration, shelving, installation, delivery and commissioning ( also where required joinery, tapware, drain protectors, floor wastes)

◊ Develop concepts

◊ Ergonomic spatial planning

◊ Schematic design layouts

◊ Safety in design risk assessment

◊ Design Development

◊ Develop equipment, (furniture layouts) including kitchen, bar, laundry, dining & function rooms

◊ Sections & elevations

◊ 3D views & renders

◊ Tender specification documentation, tender evaluation, RFIs, shop, and services set out drawing reviews

◊ Defects reviews, design compliance certificates kitchen fit-outs

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants can assist with the construction phase:

◊ Answer tender request for information (RFIs)

◊ Conduct tender evaluations

◊ Review shop drawings and services set out drawings, and answer contractor RFIs

◊ Answer and problem solve with the Client, Project Manager, Architect, and Builder

◊ Attend project meetings and provide hospitality, foodservice and drafting  design advice

◊ Conduct defects reviews and certify kitchen fit-outs to standards

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants consider environmental sustainability in design and equipment.

◊ Each piece of equipment can cost more/less to operate than another, therefore, choosing the right equipment to suit your operation is paramount.

◊ For example, a cost analysis was completed for a client. Although the piece of equipment was more expensive than the other, the analysis showed the piece of equipment paid for itself within 6 months due to water, chemical, and power savings compared to other models. This is a win for the client and a win for the environment.

◊ Understanding your baseline is critical in understanding your environmental impacts on the environment. Understanding your electricity, water, waste, and gas costs can highlight issues within your establishment. It is important to actively monitor equipment uses and reporting performance to be able to understand and manage your baseline.

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