Sarah Arrell

Hospitality & Foodservice Management

& Design Consultant

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Sarah Arrell, co-owner of Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants has worked in the hospitality and foodservice industries for over 20 years.

For 12 years Sarah worked hands-on in the hospitality industry working her way up to a manager. In 2002 Sarah designed, owned, and operated a very successful small bar which she sold.

In 2007 Sarah worked for Hospitality Total Services Pty Ltd (Australia) and in 2011 Hospitality Total Services Ltd (New Zealand) for 7 years in this time, Sarah developed her skills in accounts, administration, research, report writing, operational consultation, and design reviews.

Sarah has developed her skills further through ArchiCad training, Sarah designs and draws kitchens, bars, laundries, and back of house areas.

Sarah’s roles within Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants are ArchiCad modelling kitchen & bar design, report writing, hospitality, and foodservice design, accounts, research, and operational consultation. Sarah manages our administration team.

Some of Sarah’s tasks are as follows;

Accounts Administration of our admin team Report writing
Research Public Interest Assessment Budget development.
Management Plans Operational reviews. Task matrix’s development.
Staff training programs developed. Hierarchy plans Human resources development.
Staff handbook development Roster & roster costing development. Food safety plans & programs
Food & beverage costing analysis development Food & beverage menus reviewed, researched & developed Standard operating procedures developed
Food & Beverage Concepts Drawing schematic concept plans, elevations & 3D views Design development
Kitchen Tender Documentation Tenders/quotes development of HFC documentation Tender evaluation

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