Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants provide management advisory and operational consultation, design, and drafting services  within the private, government and not for profit sectors across the hospitality & foodservice industries these include, but not limited too:

◊ Accommodation properties including hotels, motels, universities, resorts, lodges, bed & breakfast, caravan parks, camps, holiday parks

◊ Government facilities including sporting venues, parliament house, libraries, museums, halls, community centres, incubators, hospitals, schools, Maraes, aquatic centres

◊ Residential aged care campus, nursing homes, retirement villages, hospices

◊ Taverns, bars, clubs, yacht clubs, winery’s, cellar door

◊ Restaurants, cafes, lunch bars, fast food, café courts, pop-ups, mobile food trucks, grab n go

◊ Entertainment properties including amusement parks, nightclubs, cinemas, clubs, wave parks, casinos, supper clubs, water park

◊ Retail properties including quick-service restaurants, butchers, boning room, bakeries, retail shopping centres, hairdressers, food courts, general stores, liquor stores, bottle shops

◊ Roadhouses, mining camps

◊ Shopping centre developments, hospitality & foodservice developments

◊ Commercial laundries

◊ Research centres, laboratories

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants focus on providing  5 fundamental services within the hospitality and foodservice  sectors

Management Reports, Applications, Feasibility, Consultation & Advice. To find out more click here


◊ Market studies, Return briefs, Peer reviews, Management plans, Functional design briefs, Benchmarking analysis

◊ Feasibility study, incorporating 3-5 year forecast cashflow analysis and project budget, Due diligence reports

◊ Planning applications, Liquor licence applications

◊ Food safety plans/programs incorporating templates, Statement of requirements (project deliverables), Standard Operating procedures

Operational Consultation, On-Site Reviews/Audits, Mentoring Support & Advice. To find out more click here 


◊ Operational audits, Operations reviews, Mentoring on site

◊ Food safety internal reviews

◊ Equipment and facilities audits, Competitor analysis, benchmarking

Design, Documentation,  Drafting, Materials Selections, Equipment Selection/Specification, Budget Analysis, Tender Evaluation, Defects Reviews, & Certification. To find out more click here


◊ Spatial planning, Schematic concept design, Design development

◊ Equipment selection and specification, Materials selections and finishes schedules

◊ Tender documentation, Tender evaluation, and RFIs

◊ RFIs, Shop, and service drawings reviews, Defects reviews, Certification

Mentoring To find out more click here

Liquor Licence To find out more click here

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