Foodservice, Hospitality, Management & Operational Consultancy

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultancy offers a wide range of services specialising in hospitality, foodservice, retail, tourism sectors, the below is a list of expertise, just remember these are examples and we are not limited too, give us a call to see If we can help you.

Due Diligence Reports:

  • Complete due diligence reports on probable purchase of a business or site you are considering.

Business Plans:

  • Develop business plans.

Market Snapshot Analysis:

  • Review of a specific market area or segment that you wish to trade in.
  • Develop a plan as to the size and type of store required and what customer base there could by.

Feasibility Analysis:

  • A feasibility analysis consists of business plan, forward planning, budgeting, design and cash flow.

In a feasibility we look at:

  • What is your idea? Concept? Theme? Menu?
  • Where your site is and what do you know about it?
  • Who do you expect to be your customers/user groups?
  • Who do you expect to be your staff and are they available?
  • What are your expectations, community, operationally and financially?
  • A feasibility analysis is a great way to see if your proposed project is financially viable.
  • Feasibility may be used to gain bank funding or investors.

Benchmark Report:

  • Provide benchmarking reports on trading situation, operational costs and property holding costs using the latest up to date research both in house and externally gained.

Compliance Audits:

  • Complete audits for current facilities and proposed projects.


  • Funding proposals for banks or investors developed.

Expression of Interest Campaigns:

  • New and existing business.


  • Produce budget templates.
  • Development budgets through research.
  • Gain quotations for the purposes of budgets.

Cash flows:

  • Produce cash flow templates.
  • Develop cash flow scenarios with probable revenues and benchmarked operating and holding costs.
  • Complete market penetration reporting using statistical data, in house information and benchmarked revenues and operating/holding costs.

New Business Start-ups:

  • Provide new business start up templates with to do lists based on the varying type of operation being considered.
  • Develop the client brief for the purposes of landlord, tenant, bank, family, government or other parties review.

Lease Negotiations:

  • Either for tenant or landlord from a commercial perspective.
  • Consider the services required.
  • Consider the apace allocated and suitability.
  • Develop government applications.
  • Review viability and ROI.

Redevelopment Planning:

  • Provide expert advice from a hospitality, foodservice, tourism and retail perspective.

Master Planning:

  • Consider the hospitality, foodservice, tourism and retail aspects of large scale projects.

Proving Master Planning input on;

  • Type, number and size of outlets,
  • Services requirements,
  • Waste requirements,
  • Entries and exits,
  • Typical layouts of tenancies,
  • Probable customer base

Project Budgets for Fit Outs:

  • Develop budgets.

Equipment Selection & Specifications:

  • Based on spatial planning.
  • Cost benefits and operational outcomes.
  • Maintenance and servicing.
  • Capital purchase price versus operating cost.
  • Based on fit for purpose.
  • Consider manufacturers specifications.
  • Consider trends.
  • Consider least resources use.
  • Consider sustainability.
  • Consider the environment.
  • Consider replacement capability.

Equipment Audits:

  • Reuse, replacement and/or preventative maintenance planning.
  • Conduct equipment audits.

Cost Benefit Analysis:

  • Reports and strategies including recurrent cost analysis.

Business Audits:

  • Review of your current trading situation, profit and loss reporting.

Market Analysis:

  • Considering market trends.
  • Considering market segments relating to you.
  • Developing market plans.

Operational Consultation:

  • Kitchen, dining, accommodation, entertainment and bar review on site and reporting.

Operational Analysis:

An operational analysis consists of reviewing your trading figures, physical/operational environment of current trading situations.
Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants considers the following key aspects:

  • Where do you think your issues are today operationally and financially?
  • Where does your current business model sit in relation to your peers?
  • Where do your customers come from and do you know them personally?
  • What do you know about your current staff and their capabilities?
  • What are your expectations community, operationally and financially?
  • What do you want to gain out of our advice?

Kitchen Refurbishment Develop and Kitchen Refurbishment Strategies:

  • Based to consider centralising production kitchen,
  • Satellite kitchen developments,
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP),
  • Food safety,
  • Sustainability,
  • Value for money,
  • Cost planning,
  • Design,
  • Built fabric,
  • Maintenance,
  • Preventative maintenance,
  • Contractual planning,
  • Feasibility and more.

Property Performance:

  • Undertake property performance audits based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Property Condition Reports

Food Safety Audits:

  • Including HACCP reporting and consideration.

Government Applications:

  • Produce document and draughting to support applications.


  • Mediate franchise or landlord tenant situations from a commercial perspective.
  • For government planning and contracts.
  • Development

Operating Profit:

  • Stocktaking.
  • Review of Profit and loss including benchmarking.
  • Gross profit analysis including benchmarking.
  • Payroll analysis including benchmarking.
  • Rostering for profit.

Food Strategy:

  • Consider client menu.
  • Develop menus with recipe and standard operating procedure.
  • Menu planning and costs.
  • Confirm equipment requirements to suit menu type.
  • Confirm market capability and produce availability for menus.
  • Menu plans and strategies in relation to healthcare HACCP.
  • Kitchen production schedules developed with multiple menus.
  • Food Trends
  • Ergonomic Kitchen & Bar flows (to reduce Work Health & Safety, Wages)

Waste Management:

  • Review waste requirements and provide reports, designs and advice to suit various outcomes.

Operating Module:

  • Produce statements of requirements.
  • Produce standard operating procedures.
  • Produce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) audits undertaken

Human Resources:

  • Hierarchy charts.
  • Staff induction handbooks.
  • Opening, closing procedures.
  • Performance development.
  • Staff training workshops.
  • Assist with job advertisement placements.
  • Assist with short listing applicants.
  • Assist with staff interviews.
  • Assist with reference checks.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Roster costing’s.

Laundry System Analysis:

  • Plan and advise on laundry systems to suit your requirements.
  • Advise on the best equipment and provide plan layouts to suit.
  • Provide cost benefit analysis on in house or external laundry solutions.

Foodservice & Hospitality Design, Draughting

Schematic Design Concepts:

  • Meet with client and gain the client brief.
  • Develop concept plan layouts.
  • Set out equipment on plan.
  • Make general notes for client and other consultants to consider early.
  • List equipment on plan.
  • Consider spatial planning.
  • Review design plan with client.

Design Development:

  • Produce plan elevations.
  • Equipment selection and specifications developed and catalogued.
  • Develop furniture layouts front of house.
  • Develop room plans, accommodation.
  • Develop bar and refrigeration layouts.
  • Consider ergonomic flows.
  • Develop laundry layouts.
  • Develop waste areas layouts.
  • Produce service set out plans
  • Provide finishes schedules.
  • Produce sections.
  • Produce 3D render drawings and colour perspectives produced.

Working Drawings:

  • Produce shop drawings.

Tender Documents:

  • Produce tender specifications document.
  • Provide dwg and pdf plans, elevations, sections, equipment specifications, and services schedules all suitable for pricing.

Contract Administration:

  • Manage to tender process.
  • Coordinate with trades.
  • Review contractor’s works.
  • Conduct defects liability reviews and report.

Liquor Licencing Advice & Services

Hospitality & Foodservice Consultants assists their clients with liquor licencing application & services, we can assist with Public Interest Assessments (PIA), Community Impact Statements (CIS), Risk Assessment Management Plan (RAMP), Harm Minimisation Plans.

Western Australia Liquor Licence Applications

  • Public Interest Assessments
  • Objections for or against
  • Harm Minimisation Plans
  • Harm Minimisation Plan Template
  • Section 40 Applications
  • Section 39 Applications
  • Occasional Liquor Licence Applications
  • Restaurant Liquor Licence Applications
  • Nightclub Liquor Licence Applications
  • Hotel Liquor Licence Applications
  • Tavern Liquor Licence Applications
  • Small Bar Liquor Licence Applications
  • Club Liquor Licence Applications
  • Producer Liquor Licence Applications
  • Wholesaler Liquor Licence Applications
  • Liquor Store Liquor Licence Applications
  • Special Facility Liquor Licence Applications
  • Removal of Liquor Licence
  • Transfer of Liquor Licence
  • New Liquor Licence Applications
  • Extended Trading Permit Applications including:
    • Ongoing Hours
    • Liquor without a meal
    • Alfresco
    • Dining Area
    • One off ETP
  • Add, Vary or Cancel Licence Conditions Applications
  • Alteration and/or Redefinition Application
  • Protection Order Application
  • Surrender of a Liquor Licence Application

Other State Liquor Licence Applications

  • Community Impact Statement
  • Risk Assessment Management Plan
  • Risk Assessed Management Plan
  • Category A applications
  • Category B applications
  • General Licence Liquor Licence applications
  • On Licence Liquor Licence applications
  • Off Licence Liquor Licence applications
  • Club Licence Liquor Licence applications

New Zealand Liquor Licence Applications

  • Public Interest Assessments “whether the licence is likely to increase alcohol-related harm or negatively impact the community”


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