Amberton Beach Bar and Kitchen

Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants worked for both the landlord and the tenant for Amberton Beach Bar and Kitchen, located in Eglinton Western Australia, which opened in 2019.

Whilst working with Stockland Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants provided advice and consultation for

◊ Spatial planning, hospitality design advice

◊ Market snapshot report

◊ Conducted an Expression of Interest and provided Stockland with recommendations

◊ Section 40 planning application

◊ Sublease advice

Working with the tenant, Tillbrook Nominees, Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants completed the hospitality and foodservice kitchen design and bar design

◊ Hospitality and foodservice schematic concept

◊ Hospitality and foodservice design development

◊ Equipment selections

◊ Tender documentation

◊ Tender evaluation

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