Newman Town Square Edge

Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants completed the kitchen design for Newman Town Square Edge Project located in Newman Western Australia, which opened in 2017. Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants also provided operation advice to the Shire of East Pilbara key stakeholders

Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants provided the following services for kitchen design

◊ Provide a multi-function commercial kitchen suited to various community groups, for example, the local Aboriginal Community and the local Thai Community

◊ Hospitality and foodservice kitchen design

◊ Equipment specification consultation

◊ Bespoke kitchen equipment

◊ Tender documentation,

◊ Small wares tender

◊ Key stakeholders Cameron Chisolm Nicol Architects, LANDCORP

Hospitality and Foodservice Consultants provided operational consultancy services to the Shire of East Pilbara to assist in the operational requirements of the community centre, these services include

◊ Cleaning and maintenance schedule,

◊ Bookings and costs strategy,

◊ Site induction checklist for community groups,

◊ Exit checklist,

◊ Assist key stakeholders with implementation documentation

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